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Everything you need to know about living room standing lamps

Everything you need to know about living room standing lamps

These days, as almost every beautiful house takes a modern twist, it is getting increasingly difficult to stand out. The world is seeing the same sleek designs that range from fluffy floor stretched carpets to chic infinity fireplaces to beautiful pendant lights. While these designs may be beautiful, after being repeated in the millionth house, they have begun to look dull and tired.

In this blog, we are going to explore a more unique featured piece that will step up the amazing décor within your living room to newer heights. This is a lighting style that is steadily making a comeback from the 20s, as newer more modern variants are being developed for houses in the 21st century. Here at Work, Leisure Play, we offer quite the selection of premium standing lamps. Our products offer diverse choices that will fit in perfectly within your living room and give your current décor an extra level of style and elegance. To preview through our catalogue of standing lamps, click HERE.

Below, we will talk about some of the best standing lamp styles you can purchase today, as well as a few key benefits you’ll experience from standing lamps, that you won’t enjoy with convention overhead lighting.

1. Featured Floor Lamps

Here is a modern lamp style that has really given new meaning to the term “Throw Back Season”. This is because these featured floor lamps take older styles and recapture them, with a modern spin, into incredible lighting options. In addition, with these particular lamps, you’ll have the ability to direct light (like a stage spotlight) and make specific décor pieces stand out, which can do wonders for your living rooms overall design. So why not consider purchasing a top of the range featured standing lamp, such as our Luminite Floor Cement Lamp in Lara Chocolate, from our website. Or, you could try our Luminite White Floor Lamp that is a lot more simple, but elegant in its simplicity.

2. Decorative Table top Standing Lamps

Next up, you should consider adding a smaller more decorative table top standing lamp to liven up your coffee table, and improve the overall vibe within your living room. For this particular purpose, these types of lamps are the supreme choice.

At Work, Leisure, Play we enjoy keeping our fingers on the pulse of emerging styles and the latest fashion in home décor. As such, we’d love to help you make your living room a million times more beautiful, and a lot more unique, by fitting in the perfect standing lamp. So what are you waiting for… Reach out to our company today!

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